SC metal fabricator gets $55M federal contract for Navy sub work

A Goose Creek metal fabricator that’s building parts for the Navy’s next-generation nuclear submarine has signed a $55 million contract with the Department of Defense that will let the company hire more workers, invest in new equipment and speed up production. The deal with W International is part of the Defense Production Act Title III, which is designed to help the government mass resources deemed essential for the nation’s defense.

The legislation was recently used to boost production of N95 face masks needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Funding for the contract was appropriated under the economic stabilization funding Congress passed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The money awarded to W International will help “sustain and expand critical industrial base capacity for the U.S. Navy nuclear shipbuilding industry over the next 18 months,” according to a Defense Department statement. The contract is among several investments the government is making to ensure the submarine project stays on track.

A spokeswoman for W International said this week that the company could not yet comment on the contract. The W International campus in Goose Creek includes access to the Cooper River and a 225-foot-tall cube-shaped building where large metal structures are fabricated for the U.S. Navy’s next-generation submarine project. W International/Provided

W International workers weld a piece of steel at the Goose Creek metal fabrication plant that does work for the U.S. Defense Department.

Link to original article from Post and Courier

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