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Weld Engineer 

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Goose Creek, South Carolina 


Based on Experience

Reports to Weld Engineering Manager; Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Selection of welding methods, development of parameters, demonstration on mockups, and qualifications.

  • Preparation, review, approval and release of written welding procedures in accordance with specifications and weld procedure qualifications.

  • Preparation of customer submittals to transmit information and plans, gain approvals, and authorize repairs when required.

  • Support for shop floor fabrication operations, including preparations for upcoming work, troubleshooting of welding issues and resolution, and generation of process improvement ideas.

  • Process efficiency studies to reduce span and cost.

  • Qualification, documentation, and maintenance of welding procedures and welders/weld operators.

  • Identification, design/procurement, and implementation of welding equipment and/or tool needs.

  • Review of quote packages in support of estimates for qualification, manufacturing feasibility, and technical input as needed.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Must be a U.S citizen 

  • Theoretical understanding of the gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, shielded metal arc, submerged arc, and stud welding processes. Additional knowledge of other processes is also preferred.

  • Theoretical understanding of the welding of ferrous and non-ferrous base metals. This understanding includes but is not limited to the bulk base metal micro structure, bulk phase transformations of the base metals and weld metal that can occur during welding, and the proper selection of filler metals.

  • Theoretical understanding of nondestructive testing methods for welds and surfaces.

  • Actual welding proficiency is not required, but hands-on-experience is desirable.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering or Welding Engineering Technology is required. ABET Accredited Bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering or Welding Engineering Technology is preferred.

  • Strong communication (written/verbal) and teamwork skills for interaction with both hourly and salary employees.

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